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As a free service to the public, Scotts Automotive, Inc. an auto service shop trusted by many gives automotive maintenance tips for summer on its website. This includes simple maintenance procedures that can be done by vehicle owners themselves, as well as the more technical maintenance procedures and diagnostic checks that should be undertaken by trained professional automotive mechanics on the vehicle transmission, engine and brakes. Giving proper maintenance to any vehicle will definitely lower your car repair costs.

The value of complying with proper maintenance procedures is best gauged by the significant decrease in the risk of mechanical failure and breakdown of a vehicle. This results in significantly less need for car repair, an increase in the vehicles resale value and, of course, a much longer running life for the vehicle.

Winter, with its extreme cold temperatures, puts much stress on vehicle parts and the vehicle body itself. Summer is no less stressful on vehicles, though. On top of the winter stresses come the high heat, dust and stop-and-go traffic of summer. All these factors add up and can push a vehicle to malfunction.

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One of the most common issues for vehicles in summer is the frequent need for auto AC repair. When air conditioning operating systems of vehicles are not properly maintained, they will most likely fail in the extreme heat of summer, just when you need the air conditioner most. To avoid this inconvenience, have your vehicle air conditioner checked regularly by your trusted automotive mechanic not just in the summer. Your vehicles owners manual will contain the recommended frequency for replacing your air conditioners filters, for example.

Your vehicle engine and transmission system can also be damaged by summer heat, especially when you allow your vehicle to overheat. You can prevent this by completely flushing out and refilling your vehicles cooling system once every two years. You should then have your automotive mechanic check the level, condition and concentration of your coolant regularly. Let your automotive mechanic know of any performance problems you experience related to your engine, such as hard starts, rough idling or stalling. Do the same if ever you notice any unusual behaviour related to your vehicle brakes. Even without any problems, have your automotive mechanic check your brakes regularly.

Also ask your automotive mechanic to regularly check on your vehicle clamps, hoses and drive belts. Replace your oil and oil filter according to the schedule in your owners manual. If you go on long trips with heavy loads such as having a trailer in tow, or if you go on frequent short trips, your oil and oil filter should be changed even more frequently.

You should likewise comply with the schedule in your owners manual for the replacement of your fuel filter, air filter and all other vehicle filters. Replace them more frequently if you drive in very dusty conditions.

Maintain your batteries by cleaning surfaces, tightening connectors and regularly removing the corrosion on battery posts and cable connections. Make sure you are wearing eye protection and sturdy rubber gloves whenever you do this. Never touch the corrosion and battery acid with your bare skin.

Check all your light bulbs regularly and immediately replace any busted ones. Clean light lenses with a clean soft rag, making sure not to scratch them. You should likewise clean your windshield regularly. Always keep your windshield washer solvent receptacle refilled. Replace your windshield blades when worn.

Your tire pressure should be checked once a month and before any long drive. Inspect your tire treads and sidewalls regularly. If you find uneven tread wear, have your tires realigned. Rotate them every 5,000 miles. Make sure you always have a spare tire and a jack.

You will definitely benefit from following the summer automotive maintenance tips provided for free by Scotts Automotive, Inc. See how much less you spend on your car repair costs.

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